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‘Giving credit where credit is due’

Richard Bradley, the former George editor who first raised doubts about Rolling Stone‘s story about gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house, has been a house of fire since the magazine backed down from its reporting.

His blog, Shots in the Dark, is loaded with links and commentary stemming from that story as well as the saga of The New Republic. Duped by the infamous plagiarizer Stephen Glass, Bradley has a b.s. meter that has been in overdrive on the topics of “rape culture” and media ethics.

While hand-wringing in too much of the mainstream press wants to scold “us” to remember rape victims, Bradley is calmly, methodically urging the media to stick to what it’s supposed to be upholding above all else — a sobering quest to find out what happened, if that’s even possible now:

“We all need to step back and take it down a notch. Of course we should search for the truth, but in a deliberate and cautious manner, remembering that there are real human beings involved, most of whom are young people.”