Twitter goes down, the world Tweets anyway

While waiting for my social media crack supply to be replenished today, I found out I’m hardly alone in my Twitter cravings. The problem, in a nutshell: It was possible to post and the search function worked, but timelines weren’t available. And quite a few people, myself included, were down to 0 followers and were following nobody.

A random sampling of the reaction taken during my lunch break (otherwise I did get a lot done during the outage!):

Twitter Is Frozen, which is many signs of the apocalypse


Wtf wat is dit met Twitter?


Trying to figure out twitter! Wondering if its better than facebook

Hello!!!!!!!! hello helloo helloo helloo! wow there is nobody but my own Twitter-Eco

I’m reasonably sure I just broke Twitter

Quelle horreur! Twitter is frozen!

Is it me or is twitter having a wobbly?

Meu twitter não está atualizando nada!!!

Is Twitter twatted or did everyone go very quiet?

O Twitter tá bizarro hoje.

Why is Twitter quiet? COULDN’T BE: people have lives, internet slow, lazy day. MUST BE: end of the world (except Utah) Welcome to my brain.

ทวิตเมื่อสองชั่วโมงที่แล้วเพิ่งโผล่มา Twitter ท้องผูก?

Irgendwie bekomme ich keine Updates mehr von den Menschen den ich folge. Ist Twitter mal wieder kaputt?

hey twitter, stop being douchey.

Twitter is hier stuk.

twitter ta bugado ?

what have i missed? why has miley deleted her twitter?

twitter is goin bi polar on us maaaan!!

@twitter, @twitter, @twitter, @twitter can ya hear me?

fuckk twitter. im going back to bed.

Twitter needs that thumbs up thing.

just said to a friend, I might actually have to talk to hubby tonight if twitter is down

Twitter “What were you doing 2 hours ago?”

is anybody out there or is twitter being an arse?

Has just discovered twitter, help?!!

pourquoi je ne reçois rien sur twitter ????

i feel me sooo damned alohoooone without my following peeps, dear mister @twitter

Twitter? Why are you dead today? I need amusement.

eating blueberry yogurt and emo’ing over a frozen twitter.

Twitter is frozen. Does this mean we have to go outside and actually socialize with, like, people?

Is Twitter still ackin’ all janky!?

Twitter Is Frozen – just like the rams offensive line for the past two years!!

is there a twitter strike??

Tired and a headache, but it doesn’t look like I’m leaving the office any time soon. Not that you care twitter, you’re not even listening!

Uhhhh Twitter Is Frozen because of stupid Miley!!! I really hate her so much!

Twitter is frozen because Kanye interrupted it.


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