Arianna’s ‘who’s your daddy?’ journalists

Just when I was about to praise Arianna Huffington for going out and hiring provocative, experienced journalists (and paying them, too!) for her burgeoning media empire, a blogger bee from Nick Denton’s media empire reveals that she is building a roster of young correspondents who were conceived by the right people.

Now part of the Huffington Post are the sons and daughters of: A top Obama adviser, a disgraced former governor of New York and a wildly popular Hollywood actor. Oh yes, and Arianna’s godson too:

“But aren’t there, like, some laid off journalists out there, with actual experience?”

I can hear Arianna now: “Ha! I tried, but they wouldn’t blog for free!”

Forget the Obama “birther” fanatics! There’s apparently no provision like being to the manor born of Arianna’s circle of friends, schmoozers and fellow travelers to land a job with one of the visionary journalistic enterprises going.

I can understand why one such fortunate young man who has a former journalist for a father would want to follow in those footsteps. At least until he needs to make a real living.

But for the Queen of the Future of Journalism to follow the nepotistic habits of old media is a bit rich, n’est-ce pas?


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