Would you want to hire this journalist?

What begins as a “note” about his doomed tenure at Entrepreneur magazine evolves into a scorched-earth missive from writer Dennis Romero, who recently was canned in a thinning out of the staff:

“The real reason behind my termination was editor-in-chief Amy Cosper’s growing distaste for the presence of a knowing soul. It seemed like every time she saw my face she was looking in a mirror that reflects her own deceit. You see, to call Cosper a journalist would be a stretch.”

Whoa! And he’s just getting warmed up:

And herein lies the bottom line. Entrepreneur’s owners don’t like journalism. The publication’s record of having a revolving door, of hiring malleable, inexperienced newcomers (except when its editor-in-chief obviously doesn’t know who she’s hiring), of making the place hostile for the diverse and outspoken, and of continually putting out a mediocre product, shows that it’s not at all about journalism.

That certainly harkens to the litany of complaints familiar to newspaper journalists, and it’s hard to read this and not appreciate Romero’s frustration.

But in spilling the internal beans about a place in such visceral and excoriating detail — and pretentiously proclaiming himself a “knowing soul” — Romero reveals quite a bit about himself that is equally distasteful.

A friendly piece of advice? Get over yourself.


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