Getting closer to where I want to be

I’ve been reluctant to say much about this, but I’ve been absent from regular blogging here in the last week or so because I’m nearing the launch of the sports site I’ve had in mind since I left my job nearly nine months ago.

By the first of June it should be up and running, at least in some barebones form. I didn’t imagine this project would take as long, from conceptualizing it late last summer to reaching the point of setting up a site, selecting a theme and a name, etc.

Sharpening the concept proved to be more difficult than I imagined. It seems rather simple now, as I went around in my mind and took many detours that led me back to my original idea. Perhaps it’s necessary to do this to test your idea against others, explore other possibilities and see what makes sense.

Stay tuned and bear with me over the next few weeks as I likely won’t be able to post much here. With all the dreary infighting cropping up again in the journosphere over micropayments, funding journalism and saving newspapers, it’s just as well. This squabbling is literally depressing me, with the print doomsayers and digital utopians ensnaring too many of us non-partisans directly in the crossfire.

I’ll give just a couple examples here:

• Frank Rich’s Sunday column in the New York Times about the future of news and specifically, how to pay for it. And Michael Wolff’s snarky tirade in reply, telling the entire newspaper industry to just go ahead and die.

• Rupert Murdoch’s plan to charge micropayments for some Wall Street Journal content, and Jeff Jarvis’ snarky tirade in reply, telling ol’ Rupe to bring it on.

And so it goes, the endless loop of competing absolutists raging on, firmly embedded in their trenches, happy to continue this jostling while the rest of us try to figure out how to navigate the rough waters of media transformation.

Today I have been heartened a bit more by postings from two people whose work I’ve come to admire; one a journalist, another a blogger.

• A sports blogger who writes passionately about the Atlanta Dream, the WNBA team here in my city, raises the question: “Can Blogging Ever Replace Journalism?” It’s a thoughtful piece, exploring the pros and cons of both disciplines, and carving out the shared space for both to do the news and serve the public.

• A copy editor-turned-professor talks to a copy editor-turned-public relations officer about her career transition. Since staying in journalism is looking increasingly remote for many of us, myself included, her perspective is invaluable.


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