A chat just for displaced journalists

Two people who have been very instrumental to me in my post-newspaper career are having an online chat today for journalists between jobs. It would be well worth your time to follow what they have to say about the turbulence in our profession, and how to navigate it.

Colleen Eddy, the director of the Poynter Institute’s Career Center, and Joe Grimm, who pens the daily “Ask the Recruiter” feature on the Poynter site, will be taking questions starting at 1 p.m. EDT today.

Here’s the link for the chat, which is entitled “Surviving Between Jobs.”

One of the first things I did when I was approved for my buyout was to fill out a Poynter questionnaire for displaced journalists. Shortly after I sent it in, Joe called me and we discussed the new world we were entering (he had just begun his buyout).

This conversation, and the inspiration I received from it, led to me applying for, and being accepted to, Poynter’s first “Standing Up for Journalism” workshop for displaced journalists last November. Not only did Colleen set up a stellar week of multimedia and career transition training for our group, but she has continued to be a tremendous source of support.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Joe, Colleen and the Poynter staff have been. Their insight is invaluable, and they truly care about what happens to journalists. Because they know that journalism is poorer with fewer of them.


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