Weekend Video Jam: At Last

I’m usually not one to indulge in celebrity crap/gossip/innuendo/pi**ing matches, but when I saw “etta james” near the top of the Google Trends list one day this week I had to click. Please, no, please don’t tell me she’s RIP. Not one of the great modern songstresses, a feisty and hearty woman with a booming, passionate voice and an attitude to match.

She’s still here, and is she ever! What I found when I did click were the words “whoop” and “a**” in regards to a cover of her classic, “At Last,” by Beyoncé, who plays the soul star in the new movie “Cadillac Records” and who performed the number as the Obamas’ first inaugural dance.

So Miss Etta has let both the pop diva and the new president absolutely have it. But wait: Maybe it was all a joke. It didn’t sound that way to me. It makes me wonder if she missed this really cheesy use of her song — in a beer commercial! And if she’s just a wee bit jealous of her young impersonator. (Sorry, I ain’t linking to no Beyoncé, no way!)

In any case, I’m going to give the woman back her song, which remains one of my favorites and a permanent member of my jazz/R & B iPod rotation:


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