Weekend video jam: Things ain’t what they used to be

A major metropolitan daily may face bankruptcy. Another could be put up for sale, or might fold if there isn’t a buyer. And still another walked folks out the door for good in a familiar rinse-and-repeat story.

When he was interviewed by NPR last weekend about his layoff from the Village Voice, Nat Hentoff quickly cited the title of a Duke Ellington classic as an analogy to what’s been happening in a newspaper industry that had another rough week.

The eminent jazz critic and civil libertarian remains hopeful that the work of journalism that he’s so cherished and done much to uphold will go on. It’s with that wish in mind that I give you the great bandmaster Ellington on the keyboards, and a fabulous Johnny Hodges on the sax, to take this blog into the weekend:


2 thoughts on “Weekend video jam: Things ain’t what they used to be

  1. Hi Wendy, happy new year! I was looking for an Off the Ball update and didn’t realize you had moved on to greener pitches. Goes to show how often I read the AJC…when those poor college students come to the door selling subscriptions, I always tell them to open up today’s paper and show me any article in the sports section on soccer…if they can do that, then I’ll subscribe. Still no subscription from me – ha! At any rate, now that the Silverbacks have folded I imagine soccer news in Atlanta will be an even tougher row to hoe. I like what you’ve got going here and will be checking in regularly.


  2. Thanks for getting in touch. Blogging about soccer and other sports is in my plans in the very near future. I appreciate the kind words and will keep you updated on what I’m doing.


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