Ringing Ebenezer Scrooge away

Anybody who knows me will tell you I’ve never been much of a fan of Christmas, and not just because I’m not a religious person. Incessant and mindless cheer, relentless exhortations to shop, shop, shop (especially this year) and nonsensical rants about a fictional “War on Christmas.”

Bah Humbug already!

Neither have I enjoyed much Christmas music, and not just because it takes over radio stations for the last six weeks out of the year. One of the few songs I do like, “Carol of the Bells,” isn’t well-represented on YouTube, which is running over with garish renditions by Celtic Woman, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and, God forbid, Destiny’s Child. Very pretentious and overdone, and what’s more, THERE ARE NO BELLS TO BE HEARD!

If you’re going to be faithful to a song that has “bells” in the title, shouldn’t there be bells to boot?

After much trolling, I found this version by a handbell choir at a church in south Georgia, just a couple hours from where I live. The sound is wonderful, and these gals (plus one guy) can really chime away! It’s just the right touch for what I hope is a Happy Holiday for all of you. No scroogin’ — honest:


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