Political links I’m tabbing on election night

My browser’s heaving over with these news sites, interactives, polling data, maps, Twitter feeds, blogs galore:

FiveThirtyEight.com: As cited here previously, a political polling wet dream — done by a baseball stats geek. Latest post: How early voting “changed the game” for the 2008 elections.

C-SPAN: Links to live streaming, results, maps, and more. Even got a live feed from the CBC on tap.

Twitter Election stream: Non-stop updates from voters, campaign operatives, news sites and the general Twitterati. Live updates from voters are on the Twitter Voter Report.

CNN Your Races: Choose up to 35 races — presidential, Congress and ballot measures — and watch the results as they are tabulated.

The Politico: First presidential election for this aptly named site started by two ex-Wash Posties.

Talking Points Memo: Liberal journalist and blogger Josh Marshall’s award-winning political news site.

The Next Right: Republican operative Patrick Ruffini started this site to compete with the likes of TPM.

A few MSM sites: Mainly for the multimedia options on offer and their comprehensiveness I include NPR, The Guardian, New York Times and the Washington Post. Earlier today I posted a fuller list.

ajc.com: Not just my former employer, but also my hometown news site. Both the presidential and U.S. Senate races are close for a change around here, and there are some local races of interest as well. Here’s a live blog from the weekly Creative Loafing.

That’s a pretty complete and exhausting dozen or so. Do you have any to add?


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