Kvetch of the Week, Halloween edition

Never been much of a fan of holidays — or more precisely, the excess to which we’re forced to celebrate them in American culture — so be warned that my least favorite time of the year is almost here.

What makes it even worse is that retailers, card-makers, toy companies, etc., don’t even wait to Halloween to start dumping their junk in the stores. Can’t even go looking for candy to hand out to the costumed lil’ varmints in the neighborhood without stumbling across boxes of Christmas cards and the “gift idea” racks. Humbug, I say.

At least I’m not alone in my assertion that “they are sucking the fun out of Halloween,” which is this week’s Kvetch of the Week:

“Unfortunately, this holiday is quickly turning into the same mess that Christmas has become. The advertising begins earlier and earlier every year with ‘must have’ items featured tantilizingly for your children to whine about. The glut of candy available is almost as sickening as the displays for Christmas along with a revolting array of home decorating items.”

Bah humbug!

More reasons to kvetch about Halloween: Bruce Springsteen has written a song about it, political wackos use it to hang candidates in effigy, and law enforcement agencies require sex offenders to post “No Candy” signs on their doors so they won’t get too close to kiddies.

Isn’t this all a bit much for a supposedly minor, pagan holiday?


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