Finding opportunities in journalism’s crisis

“Crisis always meets opportunity.”

That’s a direct quote of something I heard today, perhaps the best thing I’ve heard in quite a while, as I take some more substantial steps toward redirecting my journalism career.

Right now I’m just sorting out out the possibilities, some of which are becoming more crystallized opportunities.

I spent an enormously busy and productive day exploring more of these possibilities, then came home to an RSS feed groaning with links that dovetailed seamlessly into my mindset:

• While newspapers continue to shed staff, the potential boost for local news looms as just that — untapped potential. The big issue, of course, remains in finding a “sustainable business model.”

• Online news is all about being in the “useful business.” The future of the profession has a lot riding on that concept too. It’s been harder to get our heads around that idea than it might seem.

• Yes, opportunities do abound, but you’ve got to know how to look for them.

• And even if you still believe that journalism isn’t the problem with what’s ailing the newspaper industry, you’ve got to accept that there are new ways of doing the news that cannot be ignored. Don’t be afraid to try them.

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