Some new ventures in sports media

With sports writing and blogging pursuits filling my days (among other things), I found a few links worth sharing and explaining here as I try to practice what I’m preaching about finding new ways to do the news. Or in this case, sports.

Today the Boston Globe launched a weekly print sports tabloid it calls “OT” for “Our Town, Our Teams.” The focus is on local pro sports teams, and that’s certainly one of the best sports towns in America with the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins.

With sports fans increasingly getting their daily fix from TV, radio and the Web, the focus here is to offer one all-encompassing print read as the weekend approaches. It features the work of Charles Pierce, for my money one of the best and most entertaining writers of sports and other subjects (Disclaimer: He’s also an acquaintance, as we previously wrote for the same basketball magazine). founder Mike Levy has started a new fan-oriented venture called, in which fans can create their own web pages. The heavy thrust here is toward fantasy sports, which Levy is pegging as a potential major source of revenue. He figures he will invest between $40 million to $50 million with a target of turning a profit in three years.

If you think the fantasy realm has been tapped dry, think again. Levy’s goal: to have the best sports site on the web.

While the National Hockey League continues to struggle for exposure in most of the U.S., it’s making big strides toward becoming more fan-friendly on the web. A fantasy partnership with Yahoo is one of key features. Here’s a sneak preview of the revamped league homepage.

And a sports media reporter who recently left his newspaper has begun a blog devoted in part to that topic.

A former colleague explains what’s ahead for him, and how he’s warmed up to blogging.


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