‘We are journalist entrepreneurs’

So says Philip Balboni, who’s heading up a new international news site that’s the latest to try an independent model for journalism. (link via Romenesko.) He’s even purloined a top editor from The Politico to help steer Global News Enterprises. The Washington-based political site, which is expanding its staff and even print circulation after the elections, is serving as something of a model for what Balboni wants to bring to foreign coverage.

But with a few twists. Read more here about his funding plans, and his attempts to lure seasoned journalists. Not by paying them a full-time salary, but by offering a guaranteed equity stake in the operation, as well as a modest monthly fee for their services.

“We are journalist entrepreneurs, and we have to find new models for journalism in the digital age,” says Balboni.”

Balboni is well-known in New England for start-up ventures that become staples of the local media scene.

Can foreign news make some serious bucks? The verdict here from Nick Denton is a rather snarky no.

Regardless of how Balboni’s project turns out, Jason Preston urges journalists not to be afraid to think like an entrepreneur:

“You ought to be doing what you can to put your name online and develop relationships with your readers. I keep hearing that reporters like to ‘hide behind their bylines,’ which to me sounds like the quick path to obscurity.”

If you’re now existing outside a newsroom like me, it’s even more imperative to adopt the former habit and ditch the latter mindset. And check out the rest of the Eat, Sleep, Publish blog. If you’re interested in furthering your journalism career online, it’s got plenty of clear, easy-to-understand and frank commentary on newspapers and the digital divide. Without too much geekery.


One thought on “‘We are journalist entrepreneurs’

  1. Thanks for the kind words Wendy! I’m glad you’re finding Eat Sleep Publish useful.

    The more I look at how things are shaking out the more I think that the news industry as a whole is headed for a space where individual talent is going to lead certain news brands to success, much the way TV news can work with lead anchors drawing an audience as much or more than the news brand itself.


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