Thoughts on redefining journalism

Have been mulling over this post from Ann Cooper on the Columbia Journalism Review site and thought it appropriate for those reinventing their journalism careers. The definition of journalism itself continues to undergo revision, and it likely will continue for the rest of our working lives:

“Who belongs in that tent, and who gets to decide who’s in it? Put another way: Who is a journalist? It’s a tantalizing question, but it’s hardly worth asking anymore.”

I take some issue with the last point, given how many of us are seriously confronting these issues for the first time. But I do like her concluding points about cultivating the best of print and online journalism values to develop new ways of thinking about, and trying to do, the news:

” . . . a hybrid would require true collaboration between old and new practitioners who are serious about sustaining journalism and its public-service mission. Old media will have to let go of some attitudes and assumptions that are no longer relevant, and new media will need to recognize standards that can infuse credibility and trust into this new journalism. Working together will require everyone in the bigger tent to drop their animosities and check their egos. It’s not about us, after all. It’s about keeping watch on those in power, about ensuring an informed citizenry, about maintaining a democratic culture that is strengthened by vibrant reporting on vital institutions.”


1 thought on “Thoughts on redefining journalism

  1. In my opinion it isn’t a matter of ‘redefining’ journalism. The definition hasn’t changed.
    It is, as has been somewhat indicated, a matter of changing how we pursue and execute the craft.


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