Talkin’ bout my journalism generation

Will have to make today’s post a roundup of sorts as I’m making the short drive to downtown Atlanta for the start of the national conference of the Society of Professional Journalists. What’s encouraging is the number of sessions and seminars devoted to online journalism and digital media. In fact, they dominate most of the schedule. So there will be plenty of material from the next four days to blog about here.

An item on Jim Hopkins’ Gannett Blog yesterday about the generation gap between mostly-print types like myself and the younger “digital natives” is generally sympathetic toward the latter, and with good reason. But as I pointed out here yesterday, those of us from the days of the manual typewriter ain’t dead yet. Far from it. We’re not all jumping on the digital bandwagon because it’s the only one with all bearings seemingly intact. Some of us genuinely want to be part of online journalism’s evolution.

As one commenter put it (below the remarks penned by yours truly: “I suspect the gap has been more digital versus print and that’s not necessarily a generational thing.” That about says it all.

Not trying to look back on this blog, but this post from Paul Gillin on Newspaper Death Watch doesn’t mince any words: “Why Buyouts Suck.” For newspapers.

No matter what generation you’re from, or what media platform you call home, the profession is going to be in the crosshairs once again this fall. Quelle surprise, it must be an election year! Steve Yelvington asserts that a “traditional American value” is under attack. And the mayor of a small Alaska town is setting down rules for the media to observe in regards to queries about its native daughter now in the national spotlight.

But one side of the political divide shouldn’t be able to own the argument when the press is doing its job correctly. Just ask the leading light of the loyal opposition. Once the conventions are over, I’m hopeful that equal opportunity grilling will resume.

But I’m really ready for some football, and the NFL season kicks off tonight. In honor of that event, one of my favorite sites, Google Maps Mania, has collected some cool links to celebrate. I especially like the TV distribution map. It’s looking like I won’t be able to see my hometown team on the tube.

In my second life as a journalist, I want to become a mapping maven.


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